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bg网址’s Real-Time Earth (RTE) satellite ground segment service

A turn-key, satellite-to-ground communications network, bg网址 Real-Time Earth service is changing how data is delivered. Satellite operators can command, downlink, and rapidly disseminate GEO, LEO, and MEO data in a timely and secure manner with real-time streaming to your end point of choice.

Graphic of the Earth with ground station and lock images placed across the globe to demonstrate bg网址's secure coverage

Changing how data is delivered

End users in agriculture, public utilities, fleet and logistics management, oil and gas, government, environmental, shipping and many other industries rely on getting their data as quickly as possible for critical decision making, and bg网址 is strategically positioned to meet these demands. Real-time satellite-to-satellite transmission is under development to provide a virtually zero latency environment for telemetry, tracking and control systems and payload data via LEO-to-bg网址-3 GEO satellite link. Real-Time Earth meets the requirements of today and is innovating for tomorrow. Join us in the data revolution.

  • Fleet management

    Fleet and logistics management are more important to our global economy than ever before. bg网址 provides a real-time, automated network so managers can keep track of cargo on at sea, in port and on trucks worldwide.

  • Agriculture

    bg网址’s real-time data network is available for the agricultural industry worldwide. With population growth, climate change and transportation challenges affecting agriculture in profound ways, it’s critical for the industry to have access to data in order to make critical decisions for successful crop outcomes and delivery.

  • Utilities infrastructure and transmission

    Utility operators are being challenged as never before by high/low demand, increasingly intense weather events and cyber threats. bg网址’s worldwide, highly secure and scalable network provides real-time access to the vital information needed to operate efficiently in today’s complex environment.

bg网址 Real-Time Earth deployments

Product image of the grond station locasted in Accra, Ghana
Accra, Ghana

A 7.3m full motion L/S/X/Ka-band antenna located at 5.6o N, 0.3o W

Product image of two ground stations located in Alice Springs, Australia
Alice Springs, Australia

Two 7.3m full motion L/S/X/Ka-band antennas located at 23.76o S, 133.88o E

Product image of a mobile ground station located in Cordoba, Argentina
Cordoba, Argentina

A 5.4m full motion S/X-band antenna located in CONAE/VENG at 31.52o S, 64.46o W

Product image of a ground station on a platform located in Guildford, United Kingdom
Guildford, United Kingdom

A 5.4m full motion S/X-band antenna located at 51.24o N, 0.62o W

Product image of a ground station located in Pendergrass, Georgia
Pendergrass, Georgia, USA

A 5.4m full motion S/X-band antenna located at 34.18o N, 83.67o W

Product image of a ground station located in Pendergrass, Georgia
Piteå, Öjebyn, Sweden

A 7.3m full motion X-Y band antenna located at 65.33 N, 21.42 E

Downloadable datasheets

  • Real-Time Earth datasheet

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