Map visual utilizing L-band satellite technology

Instant, accurate, friend-or-foe position mapping and communications for split-second decisions

bg网址’s L-band mobile transceivers increase capacity for greater throughput capabilities, so warfighters receive a faster refresh of position location updates. Paired with a scalable, adaptable network and ground infrastructure, tactical users are able to increase their situational awareness, send tactical messages, report enemy positions, and prevent blue-on-blue fratricide.

Flexible customization for your mission requirements

Designed to provide dramatic improvements in situational awareness for warfighters, the bg网址 mobile transceivers can be provisioned for different networks based on mission, 报道, and interoperability requirements. Whether it is a sovereign or a coalition-interoperable network, ground or space segment, bg网址’s mobile transceivers work on agnostic systems to deliver maximum flexibility for your mission.

Silhouette of four soliders riding on a tank at dusk
Soldier in a vehicle monitoring data from Blue Force Tracking program on a monitor

bg网址 Blue Force Tracking 2 (BFT2)

Powering next-generation situational awareness systems for U.S. 部队

bg网址’s mobile transceivers are currently outfitted on over 100,000+ tactical platforms within the U.S. 军事, delivering improved network efficiency and powering next-generation situational awareness systems, such as the Blue Force Tracking 2 (BFT2) program. 通过升级U.S. Army and Marine Corps Blue Force Tracker capabilities, bg网址 brings real-time situational awareness and better networking to the warfighter with BFT2. bg网址's next-generation BFT2 system provides: 

  • Faster position location information (PLI) refresh rates
  • 及时的命令 & control (C2) communications across the battlefield
  • Improved network efficiency
  • Reduction in the Department of 国防 total operational expenditure for the specified capability

Faster, more effective situational awareness from BFT2


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