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High-performance M2M terminals

Our high-performing M2M terminals are used for a broad range of 应用程序, 包括应急响应, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, 机动车队管理, and high-value asset tracking. Track and tag millions of assets at a remarkably low cost per bit.



  • 99.9%网络可用性
  • Real-time messaging with latency less than 800 milliseconds
  • Extend and enhance terrestrial and cellular services
  • Static IP addressing to eliminate polling delays
  • Cost to communicate is greatly reduced through multicast and broadcast
  • Protect against cybersecurity threats with embedded AES256 encryption
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Secure enterprise data 应用程序

我们制造和部署可靠, portable data-gathering hardware, and integrate with our low-latency L-band satellite network with embedded AES256 encryption, 所有服务成本都很低.


bg网址’s MSS business delivers enterprise data 应用程序 to a wide range of industries, ensuring quick and secure data delivery of person-to-person, IoT(物联网), and M2M (Machine to Machine) data. Our mobile satellite antenna and terminal solutions offer real-time position tracking, management of remote assets and operations, and visibility into the supply chain.

Our next generation networks and services offer high-capacity, low data rate connectivity for multiple use cases.


虽然在途中, helicopter and ground ambulances can send patient details over the satellite channel, securely transmitting information to hospital IT systems, 应用程序, 和数据库. Push-to-talk, tracking and telemetry are enabled.

对SCADA, or intelligent infrastructure management, our mobile satellite system's two-way networking capability enables both real-time monitoring and real-time control. Through our recent acquisition of RigNet, our range of Industrial IoT comms equipment and services has expanded, as well as our global coverage. 了解更多关于 RigNet的工业物联网产品 对能源.


A patrolperson outside their vehicle can use a tablet, running a computer-aided dispatch application, to wirelessly access information in the headquarters database or to receive updates on a suspect. 开启一键通功能.

GPS position reports, HUMS data during flight, in-cabin communication. Lightweight, all-in-one device for easy installation. Always-on IP network connectivity, reliable during flight, highest commercial data security: AES256. While in-flight, a helicopter pilot can receive weather data while talking to the control center. Push-to-talk, tracking and telemetry are enabled.

Now you can provide runtime telematics — for a vehicle, 机车, or electric motor powering a drilling site — to a monitoring crew or manufacturer, 而且要有成本效益. Optimize maintenance programs, increasing equipment uptime. 启用船队跟踪.

Enable mass notification with broadcast and multicast. FinTech 应用程序 in PoS and banking ATM. Perform more effectively from remote locations, by using wireless devices to access corporate intranets 和数据库.

IP L-band network, designed for IoT integration. OTA software update capability, always-on IP network connectivity. AES256数据安全. Small L-band device, rain attenuation resilient, with ease of remote operation and maintenance.

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    Explore how bg网址's mission to connect everyone and everything means that we can deliver affordable communications services. We're here to solve your data communications problems.

  • M2M

    Learn how L-band satellite connectivity enables the tracking and tagging of millions of assets and how bg网址 achieves low cost per bit. This translates into lower service pricing, and enables highly-mobile platforms.

  • High-performance Aviation Terminal

    发现我们的轻量化, all-in-one device enables ease of installation, always-on IP network capability, AES256数据安全.