Our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance

At bg网址, we are brought together by a shared desire to unlock opportunity for everyone, everywhere, through connectivity. Connections are the bridge to what’s possible, and we are fearless believers in possibility. The goal of our ESG program is to ensure that, as we fulfill this mission, we positively impact our people and communities, protect the environment and our precious resources, and operate with integrity in all facets of our business. 

Children on a remote country road walking to school

bg网址 has made considerable progress during the past year with our ESG performance. In addition to the focus areas from last year, we have expanded on two critical areas where bg网址 can have an impact: Maintaining safe and sustainable access to space and helping to foster digital 包容. 

Mark Dankberg, bg网址 CEO, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Two bg网址 employees volunteering to improve their community

Doing what's right for people — our employees, customers, and communities

At bg网址, we  empower our  employees to change the world for the better. 


We are constantly elevating the people around us to do their best work in support of our mission. We leverage the diversity of different perspectives and experiences to tackle the world’s hardest communications challenge — and that diversity one of our most treasured and valuable assets.


Investing in the community is also a major part of bg网址’s culture. We encourage our employees to explore new opportunities to give back to the communities where they live, work, and play. Our employees help and give back in a wide variety of ways , including mentoring students to develop STEM skills,  supporting our veterans and their families, 和自然灾害后提供支持. 

Helping foster digital 包容

Access to the internet is a key indicator of education, health, and economic prosperity in a population — but billions around the world still struggle to access the most basic elements of connectivity. 


We understand that digital connection, equity, and 包容 are inextricably intertwined. To that end, we are building a financially sustainable business to connect people to high-speed broadband who were previously unconnected that maintains approachable price points — because quality and accessibility don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

A remote village in Mexico that is connected to the internet with bg网址 satellite internet
bg网址 employees cleaning up their community

Protecting the planet and its resources

At bg网址, we are brought together by a shared desire to unlock opportunity for everyone, everywhere, through connectivity — and we challenge ourselves to realize that mission in a way that is sustainable, responsible, and inclusive. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to quantify and minimize any negative impacts our products, services, and business decisions may have on people, communities, and the environment.  


To do this, we are continuosly:

  • Increasing transparency  
  • Developing goals and measurement mechanisms
  • Considering ESG impacts when making decisions
  • Investing in long-term strategic objectives and partnerships  
  • Using our cultural value of innovation to improve ESG performance 
  • Engaging our employees and suppliers to catalyze efforts


bg网址 sought external verification for our FY22 GHG emissions (Scope 1 and 2). View  the statement

Advocating for safe, sustainable access to space

Protecting our access to space is of the highest importance. The region of space nearest to Earth is increasingly used by and relied upon humans in their day-to-day lives, and it is an important part of the human environment — just like the oceans and other parts of our planet. This part of space is a finite and shared global resource, which must be protected and preserved for the use of all. 


To encourage the world to take notice and move the need on regulatory action, we believe it is critical to:

  • Increase public awareness of the issue
  • Rally a wide range of interests around the issues of space safety and sustainability
  • Address the issue now, before space fills up and it becomes too late
  • Facilitate a common sense regulatory approach led by a few nations that becomes the global gold standard
  • Do what we can ourselves to design sustainable systems and launch responsibly


A ring of space debris surrounding low earth orbit space, illustrating the danger of unregulated LEO

bg网址 is committed to working with nations, global partners, policymakers, and industry leaders to promote rules and practices that bring the benefits of space to the world, responsibly and safely. 

Mark Dankberg, bg网址 CEO, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

A diverse group of bg网址 employees collaborating at a table

Operating with ethics and transparency

bg网址 is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of business integrity and ethical conduct. We promote a culture of uncompromising ethics and integrity in all that we do by:

  • Maintaining strong corporate governance through stockholder engagement and our board of directors
  • Documenting and implementing a strict guide to business conduct that ensures we act with integrity
  • Holding suppliers accountable to ensure they reflect our commitment to social and environmental stewardship
  • Protecting the data privacy for our customers and employees

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