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Five Real-Time Earth Sites Around the World to be Directly Connected to Microsoft WAN to Enable High-Speed Data Transfer
bg网址’s new free space optical communication terminal is designed to deliver high-performance and resilient connectivity in contested environments
- ViaSat-3 Americas is the first of three satellites to provide high-quality, affordable connectivity to global users - Boeing integrated bg网址’s ultra-high-capacity payload to its custom-designed 702MP+ platform, harnessing the most power ever on a communications satellite
Total Count Now at more than 1,000 Aircraft as Delta Air Lines Continues to Expand Fast, Free Wi-Fi Offering
Collaboration brings together ecosystem for rapid entry

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Hybrid system, flat antennas, and innovative technology are key to increasing connectivity
Reimagining the future of satellites all started with three guys, a few Macintosh computers, and sketches in a notebook.
Learn more about the ViaSat-3, a satellite constellation expected to create a seamless, global network, providing continuous coverage for nearly all of the populated world.
Not everyone gets the chance to be part of something as unique as preparing a satellite for space.

Acquiring materials that can withstand the rigors of space is complicated – add COVID-19 to the mix and you have an even larger challenge on your hands – one that bg网址’s Vice President of strategic sourcing, Amy Dobecki and her team were ready to take on.